Overwhelmed? 10 Steps to Conquer it!

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Angie B 2015by Angela Breidenbach

Do you feel all alone in trying to figure out how to manage all the commitments? We know God has a plan for us, but we’re too busy to understand how to get out of the quagmire. One real way to protect our emotional health is to do only what is uniquely suited for you and delegate what can be done by someone else.

Stop. Stop right where you are and pray! Breathe in deeply. Exhale out all your worries. Breathe in God’s presence. Exhale out the frenetic to-do list. Breathe in God’s list. Exhale out your fear of forgetting. Total time spent: sixty seconds. Really? We don’t have time to pray?

Scared to release control? Ask yourself, “Am I stealing someone else’s blessing by doing this by myself?” Isn’t it a bit arrogant to feel we must do it all and thereby steal someone else’s sweet spot? I don’t want to answer to that sin when standing in front of God’s throne, do you?

Alone10 Steps to Conquering Overwhelm

  1. Pray
  2. Make the list
  3. Star delegate items
  4. Talk it over with good friends
  5. Choose important tasks for that day only (tomorrow has enough worry)
  6. Check your list and make sure it includes your life goals every day
  7. Start the first item on the list
  8. Physically mark the list when you finish
  9. Send up a prayer of gratitude for each completed task
  10. Celebrate each completed task

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