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2 comments Posted on October 30, 2014

Ava Penningtonby Ava Pennington

I’m the master of the to-do list. But even though I checked off time in prayer and reading my Bible daily, my relationship with God was not as intimate as I desired. Maybe it’s because I can easily go through the motions of religious behavior with a disengaged heart.

When I’m interested in developing my relationships with people, I spend time with them, listening as they reveal details about themselves. When I’m intentional about developing my relationship with God, I do the same thing. But even though I grew up attending church, I still had difficulty understanding what God revealed about himself.

The more we learn about who God is and how he works, the easier it is to trust him. Yet I will misunderstand his nature if I focus on one of his names or attributes to the exclusion of all others.

Names of God

For example, if I focus only on God’s characteristic of love, I end up with an anything-goes god who tolerates sin. If I focus only on his holiness, I create a fire-and-brimstone god who is unmerciful.

God is love and he is holy. He is merciful and just. He is all these things and more. To intimately know him I needed to learn all his attributes – not just one or two characteristics that appeal to me. That search resulted in Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional.

Whatever you and I are facing today, God – in all his attributes – is everything and anything we will ever need. And that’s better than any checklist!

Daily Relfections Names of GodAva Pennington’s newest book, Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional, is endorsed by Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries. Ava has also written numerous magazine articles and is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers (AWSA) and the Christian Authors Network (CAN). Ava also teaches a weekly, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class of 150+ women. She is a passionate speaker who engages audiences with relevant, enjoyable presentations. Visit her at or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Purchase Daily Reflections on the Names of God at your favorite Christian bookstore or at the MTL bookstore.


  • 10/31/2014
    Mary Sayler said:

    Ava, the excellent points you make in this post will hopefully help other Christian poets and writers (yes, including me!) see the need to keep a balance in our writing as we focus on the many aspects of God. I’ll highlight this on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – God bless.

  • 10/31/2014
    Ava Pennington said:

    Thank you, Mary!


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