Palette of a Colorado Springtime

0 comments Posted on May 18, 2021

by Jayme H. Mansfield

Springtime in Colorado is a mixed palette. One day the sun is intense against the brilliant blue sky. Patches of newly sprung green weave odd patterns in the sleepy, winter-brown grass.

Clusters of yellow daffodils join purple crocuses to align walkways and peek around rocks. Tulips stretch slender leaves upward as pink, red, orange, and golden buds cradle . . . ready to burst. Deep burgundy stems push away soil and prepare for delicate fuchsia and white peony petals—only to grace gardens for a brief time.

Then overnight, a blanket envelops the air, casting values of gray across still gardens, parks, and pathways. Pristine white covers the ground. Branches sag, ice crystals hang, and everything is still. Beautiful in its own way. Peace. Pause. Quiet.

Until . . . my Golden Retrievers dash through the fluff with noses down, searching for snow-hidden tennis balls and scattering bunnies. Eight legs carve zig-zag paths in the once serene and virgin snow.

Oh, well. By tomorrow, nature’s palette will again be full of color—more flowers pressing through moist dirt, dainty buds swelling on trees and bushes, and lawns growing in anticipation of a haircut.

Regardless of the palette, there is always beauty—a reminder to take notice. Breathe. Refresh. Renew. Thanking the Creator for it all.

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Loosening the reins and leaning into a creative life—that’s Jayme’s sweet spot as an author, artist, and educator. The transformative power of art and faith are common threads in her award-winning historical novels, Chasing the Butterfly and RUSH. Her latest release, Seasoned: A Love Story, delivers the same. Jayme lives at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where she and her husband have survived raising three hungry, hockey-playing sons. Currently, two very needy Golden Retrievers run the roost.  Visit, Facebook, Instagram @JaymeMansfield.


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