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1 comment Posted on November 12, 2012

by Keith Williams, General Editor of the CLASB

One of my favorite things about the recent release of the Chronological Life Application Study Bible is listening to the stories of people who have big “ah-ha” moments in their understanding of Scripture through using it.

We have heard from many people who have commented on new insights they have discovered while looking through the complete Biblical timeline in the front of the Bible. The stunning 10-page timeline puts the whole story of the Bible in context with world history in a beautiful full-color format. Others have had moments of recognition when they saw, for the first time, how the psalms and prophets were actually intermingled with the story of the Old Testament. When you see them on the page together like they are in the Chronological Life Application Study Bible, it can breathe new life into your Bible reading and give you insights that you never had before.

As the general editor for the project, I had a few of my own moments during the process of building this resource, too. One that stands out comes from p. 1142, at the very end of the time of Israel’s exile from their land (Daniel 9:1-19). The prophet Daniel  had been faithfully serving God in exile for seventy years, when he was reading from Jeremiah’s prophecy that said Jerusalem would be desolate for seventy years (Jeremiah 25:11-12; 29:10). Daniel immediately began praying for God to act on behalf of his people and fulfill this prophecy. And when you turn the page in the Chronological Life Application Study Bible, you see God doing just that—returning his people to the land he had given them.

As one surprised reader recently stated after purchasing the Chronological Life Application Study Bible; “If you are looking for some refreshment, give this Bible and the NLT a chance. You just might be as refreshed and surprised as I was (and still am).”


  • 07/18/2014
    Jim mathew said:

    Respected Mr. Keith Williams,

    We are collectively using CLASB for our bible study. Wonderful resource.

    However I realised that I cannot locate the rejection of Jesus at Nazareth in the bible. Luke 4:16-30. Which I think should have been included in page 1306/1307.

    Is it that I have missed it out? Or has it been missed out?

    Appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks and regards



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