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Angela Breidenbachby Angela Breidenbach

How many podcasts do you subscribe and/or listen to regularly? I use podcasts for entertainment, education and news. It’s one of my favorite ways to engage in the pursuit of knowledge. But I also love learning more about the personalities of people. I enjoy hearing their voices, their ideas and beliefs. Though I’ve done hundreds of radio interviews, and spoken all over the US with a few jaunts into Canada, I found out that radio offered a connection to people that could be quickly and easily consumed. And doggone it, I fell in love with the medium myself.

Worthy to WriteI cook, clean and travel with the friends I love to listen to on my smart phone or tablet, switching to the other device when I burn through the battery. I’ve learned more about the world, laughed with comedy shows, listened to books read as seriels, and delved deeply into a vast variety of topics I wanted to learn more about like genealogy, writing and marketing. I’ve also had a lot of fun exploring topics I’d never thought of via radio like an ongoing Bible study program or listening to Gaelic news programs to familiarize myself with the sound of a language I’d like to learn.

When I was asked to host Lit Up Radio, it became a weekly joy. Not only do I get to listen to others on their shows, but I get to pick the brains of creative experts to satisfy my curiosity about their books, amazing breadth of knowledge and personalities. From not sure how I’d do something so different to absolutely loving this opportunity to speak on air with fascinating people, podcasting (internet radio) has swept into my daily life to become commonplace. It makes me wonder what it was like for people at the beginning of radio broadcasts. How long before they progressed from awestruck at the new technology to accepting it as a normal part of their daily lives? And now you know that though I’m a modern techie, I’m also helplessly fascinated with history and have an insatiable curiosity podcasts help meet.

Here’s a few podcasts to explore:

  • Lit Up Radio with Angela Breidenbach (Creative Experts & Author Chats)
  • Along Came a Writer Network (Blogtalk Radio)
  • Genealogy Guys
  • GSMC Bible Study
  • GSMC Entertainment
  • GSMC Book Review
  • The Briefing (News)
  • Coach Talk Radio
  • Motherhood Talk Radio

Angela Breidenbach writes romance through the ages, hosts the radio show Lit Up, and is in college to get her genealogical studies credentials. She’s the president of the Christian Authors Network. Angie lives in the country in Montana with her hubby, two miniature horses, and Muse, a trained fe-lion who can shake hands, lay down and roll over, and jump through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angie can also. http://AngelaBreidenbach.com
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @AngBreidenbach
iTunes: Lit Up With Angela Breidenbach
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