Praying for Little Lost Things

0 comments Posted on February 29, 2016

Grace Foxby Grace Fox

When my kids were young, they often misplaced a prized possession, a favorite piece of clothing, or a schoolbook. The stress level in our home rose quickly as we scoured the house for the lost item. Finally, after our efforts proved fruitless and we felt frustrated, we’d pray and ask God for help. Inevitably, we’d find the item within a minute or so.

Realizing that prayer made a difference, we began the habit of asking for help the moment we discovered that something was missing. The result? No more stress. We were able to stay calm while continuing our search that, by the way, always ended in success.

MorningMomentsWithGodMy kids are grown and gone now, but I maintain this habit today. Here’s how my prayer might sound: “Father, I don’t know where my car keys are, but You do. Please open my eyes so I can see them.” He usually answers by planting a thought in my mind about where to look. I follow the hunch, and sure enough—there they are.

We might think that prayer is reserved for life’s big concerns, but let’s think again. God cares about the little things, and He’s the expert at knowing where we’ve misplaced those little things. Why not ask for His help?

Grace Fox is an international speaker and the author of eight books including Morning Moments With God: Devotions for Busy Women. She co-directs International Messengers Canada, a ministry that partners with 200 missionaries in 20 countries including Nepal, Egypt, and Romania. Read Grace’s devotional blog at or visit her on Facebook and Twitter.


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