0 comments Posted on December 28, 2018

by Jen Barrick with Linda Barrick

A few months ago I was standing in my bedroom, looking at myself in the mirror that hangs over my antique dresser. I just happened to be counting my scars. I was curious to find out how many I had left from my accident. I was feeling a little bothered by them. But the moment I figured out the number, it was like God whispering to my heart:

Jen, I don’t look at you and think, oh, she’s the girl with all the scars. No. When I look at you, I see that you are worth it. You are priceless! You are beautiful. You are mine.

God feels the same way about you. When He looks at you, He doesn’t see your brokenness. He sees your potential and what you will become with His strength. Your value can’t be measured because you are priceless.

Let’s start the adventure together!


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