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Claire Diaz Ortizby Claire Diaz-Ortiz

As an author, I know that the first ten pages of any book are the most important. Thus, when writing my latest book, Design Your Day: Be More Productive, Set Better Goals, and Live Life on Purpose, I thought long and hard about what was most important to my Christian readers who sought guidance in increasing personal productivity in order to lead a more purposeful life. The answer, I discovered, brought me right back to Sunday School.

Design Your DayI was in high school the first time I saw the experiment about the “big rocks.” A youth pastor used a large glass jar, a bunch of pebbles, and a few large rocks to prove the point that if you fill your jar with pebbles, the big rocks will never fit. The same is true of life, of course. With God as our “big rock,” and with our family and key priorities following in close succession, we can fill a life with the most important things first. A life not built on pebbles, but meaning.

This was key for my life then, and key for my life now. To design our days well, we must know what matters, and put that before all else.


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