Quieting My Anxieties as a Parent

0 comments Posted on February 23, 2015

Becky Harlingby Becky Harling

Recently, I was talking with one of my daughter’s about which school she was going to register her son for Kindergarten. School is always such a big decision for parents, isn’t it? Our conversation started with school choice but then moved to topics like bullying, learning styles, athletic ability and school shootings.

There’s so much anxiety in parenting isn’t there?   Maybe you never worry but that sure hasn’t been the case for me. My mind seemed to go to “What if” scenarios quicker than most.  As I have tried to calm my anxious spirit, I have needed a plan. The plan that works best for me personally is to praise God that He is in control. I listen to worship music and allow the music to prompt my praise. The music seems to soothe my anxiety and praising God seems to quiet my fears. Even today my mind was battling worry. I turned on my iPad and found a new song just released by Bethel Worship called, “We Won’t Be Shaken.” As I was listening, I praised God that He is fully capable of protecting and providing for my family.

30 Day Praise Challenge

Becky Harling is a gifted Bible teacher whose love for the Lord and compassionate spirit inspire women to draw closer to God and to one another. Becky’s life experience as a pastor’s wife, mother of four, “Mimi” to four grandbabies, Women’s Ministry Director, and survivor of breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse, all bring depth and realism to her message. Becky creatively combines Biblical understanding with her powerful testimony and the stories of other women who have found hope and healing in Christ. For more information or to hear what others are saying, check out her website at www.beckyharling.com or twitter @beckyharling.


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