Recipe For Disaster

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Linda Kozarby Linda Kozar

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,  for correction, for instruction in righteousness. . .”–2 Timothy 3:16. 

A friend from church called. “What are you bringing to the church supper?” Panic set in. The covered dish I was supposed to have prepared hours ago had to be ready in just one hour! No time to run to the store. Besides, the other ladies would frown on a store-bought item. Forget Mary and Martha—these ladies were Martha Stewarts!

Mind clicking on all cylinders, recipes and dishes raced through at lightening speed. What to bring? What to bring? A gaze into the pantry revealed the basics: flour, sugar, canned goods, pasta, breadcrumbs, rice, soup. I pulled open the refrigerator door and stood there scanning every shelf as it beeped warnings about the door being open too long. Leftover pork chops. Hmmm. Shredded Cheese. An egg. Breadcrumbs. All equaled a new and exciting creation. BethleHamand Cheese Balls!

In spite of the catchy recipe name, my thrown-together BethleHam and Cheese balls weren’t exactly a big hit at the church supper. Many people take that same thrown-together approach to the Bible. They pull out scriptures and mix them all together so they seem to be in agreement with their personal philosophy or worldview. And such kooky cuisines cook up trouble, not truth.

Babes with a BeatitudeFaith Check

We cannot pick and choose the things we want from God’s Word and ignore the things we don’t want to bother with. Believers must follow God’s recipe for a blessed life. Otherwise, just like my pork chop balls, that’s a recipe for disaster!

Linda Kozar is the author of Babes With A Beatitude—Devotions For Smart, Savvy Women of Faith (Howard/Simon & Schuster, Hardcover/eBook, 2009), Misfortune Cookies (Barbour Publishing, Print, 2008). Misfortune Cookies, A Tisket, A Casket, Dead As A Doornail (2012) and soon-to-be-released That Wasn’t Chicken, (2014) (Spyglass Lane Mysteries–eBooks), Strands of Fate (Annie’s Attic Mysteries, Hardcover, 2012), Moving Tales (2013). Alligator Pear (2013) Represented by Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Literary.


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