Reengaging Your Mate

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Susan Mathisby Susan G Mathis

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you’ve been married, if you have kids at home, or grandkids near or far. Life is busy, especially during the summer. So now that fall is here, how can you reengage with your mate?

Here are some simple ways to reconnect without an expensive weekend get-away—or counseling sessions.

  • Be intentional. Sync your schedules each week, and plan on time together.
  • Get out your photo album and share memories together.The-Remarriage-Adventure
  • Write a love note and put it on your mate’s car seat.
  • Create a Bucket List together.
  • Watch old home movies together.
  • Check out your baby pictures together.
  • Do something your husband or wife loves, even if you don’t. That shoulder-to-shoulder and romantic stuff really matters.
  • Make your dates unusual. Skip the dinner and a movie thing and go to a park, enjoy the zoo, a museum, or dancing. Mix it up and keep it fresh.
  • Countdown for CouplesDo chores together. Doing the dishes together gives you time to talk and lessens the workload.
  • Massage each other’s shoulders. Rub his arm while watching TV. Stroke her hair while you cuddle. Touching is good.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and pray for your neighbors.
  • Make a new recipe together.
  • Write a “What I appreciate about you list” for your mate.

Whatever you do, as couples, stay connected.

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