Relinquishing Your Right to Yourself

0 comments Posted on August 16, 2012

I tend to be a control freak.

I don’t mean to be. It just happens. I want things my way and in my timing and I get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. Just ask my husband.

Yet, one of the basic steps to wholeness, as outlined in my newest book, When a Woman  Overcomes Life’s Hurts, is relinquishing our “rights” and admitting we are not in control — God is.

When we believe we have a right to be happy,  a right to a pain-free life, a right to have answers to all of our questions, we are believing a lie that results in disappointment and disillusionment. Sometime it even results in bitterness. And yet, I found healing the day I made a list of all the things I felt I had a “right” to in my life and then surrendered them to God, acknowledging His control over my life.

God is gonna do what He’s gonna do with our lives, anyway.  But when we thank Him for what He’s allowed and trust Him through the process, we not only open ourselves to His purposes in our lives, but we please His heart. And where there is obedience, there is always joy.

Think about it, would you really want to live in a world in which YOU were God? I mess up enough on my own…I wouldn’t want to be responsible for everyone else. I love the fact that as all-knowing and all-powerful as God is, He is still intimately acquainted with my life and desires only good for me (Jeremiah 29:11).

True surrender to God — and true wholeness — means recognizing your life is not your own; you belong to a loving Master who has your best at heart.


Cindi McMenamin is a national speaker and author of several books, including When a Woman  Overcomes Life’s Hurts.


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