Remembering to Be Thankful

0 comments Posted on November 15, 2012

Today I was listening to a Christian radio broadcast, and the host and his guests were discussing the fact that many of us find ourselves disappointed with God at times. This often occurs as a result of comparing our situation to someone else’s. We feel hurt and confused because we see how the Lord has blessed them in a certain way, and yet withheld that same blessing from us. We know that He’s sovereign and wants the best for us, but it’s hard to understand why He allows so much pain and suffering.

Sometimes our area of difficulty becomes so intense that all the good things that the Lord has bestowed upon us become eclipsed by the negative. I’ve struggled with that at times. Have you?

The guests on the broadcast talked about how one of the best antidotes is to concentrate on all the gifts that God has given us. He has indeed been so amazingly generous! In my own life, I have witnessed His hand of mercy through the years, protecting me from a few instances that could have proved fatal, and meeting my needs time and again.

In Psalm 118:1 we read, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” During this season of Thanksgiving, let’s take the time to really concentrate on all the wonderful blessings that He has showered upon us. I know you will agree there are many!

Shirley & Danae Dobson: As the wife of Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson, Shirley has devoted her life to the ministry and embraced many opportunities to entertain guests. From dignitaries to backdoor neighbors to the family, Shirley has opened her heart and spread the table for all. Danae, James and Shirley’s daughter, remembers the gatherings and lovingly recalls what her mother taught her about being kind and extending hospitality. Now mother and daughter have gathered the stories of those celebrations and get-togethers to inspire others.


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