A Marriage Carol

Rated 4 of 5 stars
MTL Approved

by Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman (Moody)

Their marriage had become as cold as the winter snow. Twenty years after their wedding day on Christmas Eve, Jacob and Marlee find themselves on the road to the divorce attorney. But when a detour lands them on a crash course, Marlee looks for help at a nearby home and finds more than she bargained for. Inside she begins a journey through the past, present and future to lifelong love. A Marriage Carol is the enchanting novella that combines the imaginative writing of Chris Fabry, an ode to Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol and the relationship expertise of Gary Chapman, author of the Five Love Languages series.

How this brings more to life: Just as one snowflake can make a difference, A Marriage Carol shows how every choice made in marriage can affect the future.


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