Be a Better Dad Today!

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by Gregory W. Slayton (Gospel Light)

Gregory W. Slayton has had many notable titles affixed to his name. Yet he explains that no title is more valuable and beneficial to society than the one he is called by his four children: Dad. In his first book, Be a Better Dad Today, Slayton uses biblical principles and personal examples to begin a lifelong journey with fathers. Like any journey, this one involves three componentsÑa map, or the “Noble Family Vision,” the proper tools, called “The Ten Tools of Fatherhood,” and key companions such as a wife or other dads. At the end of every chapter are questions for further reflection and a set of assignments that take only a few minutes each day. Be a Better Dad Today is a user-friendly manual for building champion fathers.

How this brings more to life: No man’s toolset is complete without this practical,man-to-man approach to becoming a better dad today.


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