Embracing Obscurity

Rated 4 of 5 stars

by Anonymous (B&H Publishing)

Most people want to be in a place where everyone knows their name. The author of Embracing Obscurity, however, has come to a place where he wants others to know the name of Jesus first. But rather than removing himself from the equation, the author of Embracing Obscurity has learned that humility is “becoming nothing in light of everything God is.” Although written anonymously, this author writes with such candor that readers will easily relate to his message. Filled with statistics, Scripture and personal stories, Embracing Obscurity helps put life into a proper perspective by following the example of Jesus.

How this brings more to life: The world is telling you to stand out and be more. But it is when you stop imitating the world and instead embrace obscurity that real life—full of significance, purpose and renewed passion—begins.


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