Flirting with Darkness

Rated 4 of 5 stars
MTL Approved

by Ben Courson (Harvest House Publishers)

In Flirting with Darkness, pastor, TV and radio personality and bestselling author of Optimisfits, Ben Courson addresses the epidemic of depression, anxiety and suicide, and guides readers out of the deep well of despair and disappointment to breathe renewed hope. As one who has struggled through depression, Courson draws from personal experiences, biblical truth, history and science to offer an alternative to flirting with darkness by walking in the light of God’s love. Divided into three sections, Flirting with Darkness addresses the nature of depression, provides tools to defeat depression and gives reasons to live in hope.

How this brings more to life: In Flirting with Darkness, Ben encourages readers to not accept depression as a permanent state, but instead turn to the One who will champion their every struggle.


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