Gospel Deeps

Rated 3 of 5 stars

by Jared C. Wilson (Crossway)

What is the gospel? For most, it is like an iceberg that believers and unbelievers alike can appreciate from the surface but often fail to see below the surface to the massive depths that it can reach. In his new book Gospel Deeps, Pastor Jared Wilson reawakens readers to the astounding facets of the gospel of Christ. Like a modern-day C. S. Lewis, Wilson clearly examines the enormity of the gospel, using enlightening examples and the powerful lens of Scripture. Both simple and complex, Gospel Deeps reveals that not only is the gospel of Jesus the ABCs of faith, it is the A to Z.

How this brings more to life: Be amazed! Gospel Deeps explores the astonishing things God has done in and through Christ.


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