Hope in Front of Me

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MTL Approved

by Danny Gokey (Provident)

Danny Gokey captured the hearts of fans around the country as one of the top 3 finalist on season 8 of American Idol. During his tenure on the show, Gokey impressed the judges with his versatility and a voice that could sing any style of music and turn any song into a compelling moment. But it wasn’t just his powerful and emotional vocals that caught America’s attention; it was his story of the loss of his wife and his overcoming spirit that gripped their hearts as well.  In his new album Hope in Front of Me, Gokey now uses those experiences to infuse his music with a soulful sound and lyrics that tap into life’s hopes and dreams.

How this brings more to life: These stirring songs will help you see the hope in front of you.


  • 07/27/2014
    Maryana said:

    OmG, I fricken LOVE adam laebmrt so muchh, his voice is amazinnggg and talk about eye candy!!very amazing style, no wonder he likes bill stlye too! i like him even more just for the fact that he appreciates bill fashion sense..I’m a Leo, August 13th,what do rising, sun, and moon, mean? how do you figure them out?


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