Rated 4 of 5 stars
MTL Approved

by Frank Peretti (Howard)

After a difficult start, author Frank Peretti became a long-lasting success with his two spiritual warfare novels, This Present Darkness (1986) andPiercing the Darkness (1989). A self proclaimed “slow writer,” Peretti makes a welcomed return to the world of fiction with Illusion, his first novel in over seven years. In Illusion, things aren’t always what they seem. The book opens with Mandy and Dane in the ER following a car crash that claimed Mandy’s life, or so it seems. After losing his wife and partner in their popular magic act of 40 years, Dane tries to rebuild his life. When he leaves the distractions of Las Vegas for the quiet countryside of Idaho, he stumbles upon a new magic actÑa 19-year-old performer, with unusual powers, identical to the woman he loved and lost.

How this brings more to life: An unpredictable page-turner, Illusionmaterializes the struggle of a person feeling like a stranger in this world and longing for the one to come.


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