Kisses From Katie

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MTL Approved

by Katie Davis with Beth Clark (Howard)

Katie Davis is living the dream. Not the dream that most 22-year-old American girls have of attending college, earning a steady income and starting a family, but one that is even better. Katie is living the dream that God has for her as a school teacher, the single mother of 14 girls and the founder of an organization for impoverished children in Uganda. Kisses from Katie is the inspiring account of a life lived for the Lord and the remarkable results. In this book, Katie writes like she lives. With an infectious passion and eternal perspective and without reservation, she shares journal entries and descriptive narratives of the people and places that are near and dear.

How this brings more to life: If you’ve ever wondered how one person can make a difference, Kisses from Katie illustrates how God uses individuals based not on age or abilities but on availability.


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