Resisting Gossip

Rated 3 of 5 stars
MTL Approved

by Matthew C. Mitchell (CLC Publications)

Have you heard the latest? Living in a social media society, gossip is everywhere. Resisting Gossip is a handy resource conveniently divided into four parts: “Recognizing Gossip,” which defines gossip; “Resisting Gossip,” which offers pointers for avoiding gossip; “Responding to Gossip,” which outlines how to respond in love and faith when you are the latest gossip and “Regretting Gossip,” which explains what to do if you have given in to gossip. Questions for group discussion at the end of each chapter plus a bonus chapter for church leaders make this suitable for individual or group study.

How this brings more to life: Discover how the truth of the gospel can deliver you from the temptation to tell all.


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