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by Sanctus Real (EMI CMG)

Rather than simply glossing over struggles, Sanctus Real has never been afraid to shine a light on challenges and hardships. On the band’s sixth studio album, Run, Sanctus Real have written songs that promise to become encouraging anthems of hope and healing that listeners can cling to in their own trying times.

The band continues to build on their best-selling and 2010 Grammy nominated album, Pieces of a Real Heart, that carried the breakthrough song of their career. ‘Lead Me’ was a cry from the heart that resounded with families everywhere. We’ve devoted the better part of our lives writing songs that we pray will matter. Hearing countless stories of how God can use a song has been both humbling and inspiring’ says front man Matt Hammitt.

It’s songs like ‘Lead Me’ and the first single from Run, ‘Promises’, that have a way of finding people exactly where they are, songs that can’t simply be fabricated out of thin air but rely upon the life story of a band that wears their heart on their sleeve.

How this brings you more to life:  Sanctus Real always has a clear message of hope, even in difficult times. Their lyrics are always honest, hopeful, and clever portrayed in anthems of hope and healing.


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