The God Interviews

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by Julie-Allyson Ieron (Leafwood)

If you’ve ever thought, I’d like to ask God that, you’re not alone. When Julie-Allyson Ieron turned 40, she had questions—lots of them. She began to evaluate her life and wonder if she was on the right track, if she had a purpose in life and if she was she measuring up to it. As a full-time writer and journalist, she knew she needed to ask an expert, so she chose to interview the One with all of the answers. Each chapter in The God Interviews begins with an imaginary interview between a reporter and the Guest of Honor, followed by content from Scripture and personal experience, and ends with a set of discussion questions for reflection and journaling.

How this brings more to life: This intriguing book by Julie-Allyson Ieron provides God’s answers for the hard questions women ask.


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