The Jesus Bible, NIV

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The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have all been foretold in the Old Testament. But trying to uncover and understand the prophecies about Christ can be daunting. The Jesus Bible, NIV, is an exciting new resource for kids ages 8 and up to help them explore the prophecies and scriptural references to Christ’s coming, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection throughout each book of the Bible.

This Bible has many features that help guide readers:

  • Book introductions explain where Jesus appears in each book of the Bible
  • 365 devotions revolve around the “sightings” of Jesus in the Old Testament and his life and teachings in the New Testament
  • Application notes to help apply Jesus’ teachings to real life today
  • Hundreds of clues highlight the promises/prophesies made about Jesus in the Old Testament and the fulfillments in the New Testament
  • List of Jesus’ miracles and parables
  • Timeline of Jesus’ life
  • Lineage of Jesus
  • Concordance
  • Words of Christ in red
  • Presentation page for personalization and gift giving


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