The Letter Writer

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MTL Approved


Every now and then you find a truly great movie that is so remarkable that you simply must tell others about it.  This elegant film by writer-director Christian Vuissa conveys a fundamental principle of spiritual enlightenment that transcends theological dogma.

The teenage protagonist negotiates the rough waters of female adolescence with the unorthodox guidance of an aging mentor. She realizes ethical and moral truths by observing his consistent practices of selfless giving. Embracing these tenants in her daily life opens the door to her personal fulfillment.

This is more of a coming to enlightenment than a coming of age film. The presentation is generally nonsectarian, and should be appropriate for viewers of any religious persuasion, and particularly those of no religious persuasion.

How this brings you more to life:  If you are seeking inspiration to live a life of purpose, you will find value in this movie.


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