The Modern English Version

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Where Biblical Reverence Meets Modern Readability

The MEV is a literal translation that maintains the beauty of the past yet provides fresh clarity for a new generation of Bible readers. The MEV also accurately communicates God’s Word anew as it capitalizes references of God, maintaining reverence of the Scriptures.

“I expect that this translation will be readily understood by thoughtful readers of the Bible even as they find the classic truths of eternity expressed in understandable language of today’s English speaker,” said Jonathan M. Watt, PhD, professor of biblical studies at Geneva College.
James F. Linzey, DD, chief editor, MEV chairman, Committee on Bible Translation, says the MEV is unique because while most translations are preferred for either study, reading, or devotions, the MEV fulfills all of these needs, including a role as a translator’s Bible for missions work to provide the Word of God to all English-speaking people around the world.


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