The PrayFit Diet

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MTL Approved

by Jimmy Pena

Today there are many options for health and fitness advice. The PrayFit Diet is different in that it gets to the heart of the matter first. Jimmy Pena, a training expert who has worked with well-known celebrities, believes being a good steward of your body involves what you put into it. His PrayFit Diet is a 33-day strategy to promote healthy eating and weight-loss with a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fat-yes, fat. In this book, Pena explains the importance of each of these elements and what types of foods would be a good example of each. Divided into three sections, The PrayFit Diet ends with a five-week PrayFit plan that includes a shopping list, meal-planner, recipes and a note of encouragement for each week.

How this brings more to life: The PrayFit Diet is designed to help you shed weight and keep it off by nourishing your body and soul.


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