The Story of Your Life Interactive Journey

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MTL Approved

by Matthew West (Harvest House)

“The story of your life is a story worth telling.” So sings Grammy-nominated recording artist Matthew West on his bestselling album The Story of Your Life. In this new book, Matthew develops that theme, showing how everyone’s life is a story in progress and how knowing that truth can change people for the better. Filled with powerful personal stories from Matthew and his fans, The Story of Your Life Interactive Journey is a guidebook that will help readers heal from the hurts of their past and develop a deeper compassion toward others whose life stories are filled with pain. Readers will find that God, the author of their stories, is willing and able to rewrite the broken chapters of their lives.

How this brings more to life: The Story of Your Life Interactive Journeyis the perfect companion to The Story of Your Life DVD. It includes extensive study questions for individuals or small groups and plenty of space for readers’ insights.


  • 07/07/2012
    Krystal said:

    Love Matthew West! Gonna get this.


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