The Well-Watered Woman

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MTL Approved

by Gretchen Saffles (Tyndale House Publishers)

Gretchen Saffles is a new voice but one that needs to be heard. In her book The Well-Watered Woman, Saffles welcomes readers who are parched, drawing from empty wells, and leads them to the Well that will never run dry. Divided into three sections, this refreshing resource follows the progression of the gospel seed taking root in the soul to a faith that’s flourishing. Each chapter begins with a “Story of a Thirsty Woman” that develops into greater transformation through the author’s own anecdotes and examples from Scripture. Those who are longing to be filled will be satisfied from the Living Water found in The Well-Watered Woman.

How this brings more to life: Readers can experience a fullness and peace beyond their circumstances by discovering the bottomless, refreshing well of God’s Word.


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