To Kill a Zombie

Rated 4 of 5 stars

by David W. Pierce (Leafwood)

Chonda Pierce isn’t the only comedian in her house. Her husband David also exhibits a flare for the dramatics, authoring a humorous memoir on life in his latest book To Kill a Zombie. A good ol’ boy growing up in the south, David has a knack for storytelling and his fair share of personal material. Page after page of memories illustrate what life was like when he was alive and what life was like when he was a dead man walking. Through each leg of the journey, David shares how he discovered the value of living life by connecting with others, man to man.

How this brings more to life: To Kill a Zombie shows how one man was reborn by jumping in with both feet.


  • 07/09/2012
    Lee Andrews said:

    If he’s half as funny as Chonda, the book will be worth it!


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