Reward Yourself

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Carla Stewartby Carla Stewart

Do you ever set big goals and get discouraged because it takes so long to get there? I’m on a long-range plan to achieve my ideal weight. Notice I said long range. I look forward to the day when I reach that goal, but holidays, unexpected interruptions, and plateaus have derailed my progress more often than I’d like, making my original goal seem out of reach.

Reward YourselfOn a particularly discouraging day, my support group leader shared a secret. Set small goals only a month or two in the future—attainable goals that mark progress. Then when the goal is reached, reward yourself. No, not with a trip to your favorite ice cream shop, but with something inexpensive—a new bracelet or a scarf—an item that adds a little splash to your wardrobe. Whenever you wear you “reward,” you’ll have a reminder that you’re on the right track. Perfect for me – I love bracelets!

Your goal may not be weight loss or fitness—any long term vision or project will seem less cumbersome with small rewards along the way. A new book. A plant to brighten your day. A reminder that dreams—and goals—are worth pursuing, and that perhaps it is the journey itself where joy is found.

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