Sacrificial Praise

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Kelli Worrallby Kelli Worrall

What offering of beauty do you pour over the Savior? What artful expression of worship will you lay at His feet? Do you express your praise in music or dance? Do you decorate your sanctuary, like the tabernacle, for the glory of God? Is it your crafting or your cooking that you place on the altar? Do you create a garden or a home—a haven where others can come and connect with Him?

Pierced & EmbracedMaybe numbers or science are your thing. Or problem solving. Or people. Do you care for the sick in an exquisite way? Do you manage the church budget in an orderly and well-designed way? Do you lead your small group in such a manner that every member experiences His love?

He made us all creative—each one in our own unique way, fashioned in the image of an infinitely creative God—and we have the joyful pleasure of worshiping Him with our entire lives, pouring out our adoration in a wide variety of ways. Oh, the exercise will not always be easy. Sometimes our expressions of praise will also require sacrifice. Sometimes they will be met with painful critique and criticism rather than encouragement. But we must continue to daily dispense our devotion, remembering that it is His “well done” alone that we seek.

Excerpt from Pierced & Embraced: 7 Life-Changing Encounters with the Love of Christ


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