Saltwater Daydreams

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Linda Yezakby Linda Yezak

I love the shore. Almost makes me sad that the new earth won’t have a sea (Rev. 21:1), but God has His reasons. Meanwhile, I love to stand with my toes in the sand and watch the pelicans skim the water. I love the humid, salty air, the smell of the dune and the water and the bonfire on the beach. And the sounds. Waves crashing ashore and hissing away again, seagulls calling, sand pipers twittering. The giggles of children new to the experience.

My preferred time is early in the morning, just after sunrise, when the beach is empty, the breeze tickles my neck and soft color tinges the wave crests. New treasures were deposited on the sand overnight, a variety of shells glistening with salt water, beckoning me to examine them. Shrimp boats lower their arms and scoop up the best the ocean has to offer, making me filter through the recipe box in my mind to plan the next meal.

the-bucket-list-dareDistant ships elicit daydreams of the places where they port, places I’ll never see. Sometimes I feel so restricted in my daily life, my real life, and all the things I wish I could see will remain just that—things I wish I could see. Sometimes it feels like the things I need to do are far removed from those I’d like to do.

But now and then, when the tide is right in our rut, my husband and I can cut free and go to the beach to revel in a creation God won’t include on the new earth. And I stick my toes in the sand and stare at the vast horizon, dreaming of all the places I’d go on a wing and a dare.

Linda Yezak and her husband live in a forest in East Texas with a rescue cat, a pond full of turtles, and enough birds, squirrels, and woodland critters to keep them entertained until they can get back to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico again. She is the award-winning author of several short stories, novels and novellas, including “Skydiving to Love” in The Bucket List Dare collection of Christian romance.


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