Scarred But Standing

2 comments Posted on August 9, 2013

Davalynn Spencerby Davalynn Spencer

“I didn’t see that one coming.” “How could God let this happen?” “What now?”

Been there? I dare say, most have. We lose our job, our home, our love, our way. We struggle to get back up, dig out the gravel pitting our flesh, and continue on. But after that “one” we didn’t see coming, we’re never quite the same.

Scars remind us of painful experiences, even of lessons learned. But those scars are not who we are.

“You’re not defined by your injuries,” says the heroine in my new release, The Rancher’s Second Chance. She is appalled that her neighbor sees himself only through his life-changing wounds from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. “We’re all crippled and short-sighted in some way,” she insists, “physically or spiritually or mentally.”

The Rancher's Second ChanceGod is the great recycler of human wreckage, but we must allow His touch. Both the main characters in my story bear gaping wounds—one physical, the other emotional. And both must decide if they trust God enough to let Him reach into those wounds and “make all things new.”

Christ gave us a second chance at Calvary but it didn’t stop there. He renews us by His Spirit every single day. His word refreshes us and gives us courage to get back up and keep going in spite of our handicaps.

It’s hard. We may look different. But battle scars and wounds are simply that—scars and wounds. Beautiful treasures beneath the scarred hand of our resurrected healer.

Novelist and speaker Davalynn Spencer is an award-winning journalist whose background spans the city crime beat and the national rodeo circuit. These authentic experiences help her craft fictional characters who face struggle and heartache but find faith and fresh hope along the way. When she’s not writing inspirational romance or teaching as an adjunct professor, she enjoys speaking and leading worship at women’s retreats. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Mike, their Queensland heeler, Blue, and has absolutely no trouble at all being amazed by God’s creative splendor.



  • 08/09/2013
    Lisa Lickel said:

    So beautiful, so true…thank you for the loving reminder, Davalynn.

  • 08/10/2013
    Davalynn Spencer said:

    Thanks for reading, Lisa. I appreciate your comment.


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