Self-Care and Serving Others

1 comment Posted on October 29, 2019

by Grace Fox

Autumn sunshine and the west coast’s scenic beauty coax me and my husband to escape for a few days’ rest after a month of ministry in Eastern Europe and before the fall schedule takes us to the Middle East.

Our boat-home slices through the waves as wind fills its sails. Water slapping the hull is the only sound we hear. Occasionally we experience magical moments. A pod of orcas appears and swims around and under our vessel. A bald eagle swoops and dives in its search for salmon. A sunbathing sea lion stares at us and raises a flipper as though waving hello.

We anchor each night in a secluded cove, covered by night’s canopy of stars. We wake in the morning, grateful for a sleep uninterrupted by traffic sounds and sirens.

Five days surrounded by pristine nature quiets the mind, relaxes the body, and soothes the soul. We return refreshed and refilled, ready to pour out once again.

More and more I understand the need for one to draw apart before falling apart. The same is true for you. No matter what our responsibilities are, we owe it to ourselves—and to those we serve—to make time for self-care. What that looks like for us will change with life’s seasons and vary with our circumstances, but the need to recharge remains the same so we can serve others most effectively.

What does your method of self-care look like?

Grace Fox is an international speaker and the author of nine books including Peaceful Moments to Begin Your Day: Devotions for Busy Women. She is a member of the writing team for “First 5,” a Bible study app produced by Proverbs 31 Ministries.


  • 11/07/2019
    Susan Norlund Douglas said:

    When I have a quiet day at home( which I’m scheduling this year), I enjoy learning to paint watercolour. There is no space in my head for thoughts outside of what’s on the paintbrush and my paper. I’m Focused on my task and totally relaxed.


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