Simplify Your Holiday Season

0 comments Posted on November 27, 2020

by PeggySue Wells

Participating in the annual church Christmas pageant gave me the erroneous impression that the humble barn where Jesus was born was a quiet setting. The crowning moment of each December’s extravaganza was the Nativity scene. Dressed in bed sheets and their fathers’ oversized bathrobes, all the children solemnly sang Silent Night.

Then I became a mother and the coordinator for all things memorable during our family holiday celebration. Whew!

Relationship Glue

According to resiliency experts, healthy families commonly have family holidays and traditions. These are consistent touchpoints where family members communicate and celebrate life together. Each family develops traditions that foster a sense of connectedness and provide a bridge to reconnect for that family member who has drifted away or become offended.

Holidays are characterized by familiar flavors, smells, and activities. Particular calendar dates remind us to take a break from the daily-ness and focus on the importance of relationships. Over the years, some recipes make the yearly Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, or Fourth of July table and others are traded out for new experiences. Weddings and the arrival of babies make each holiday the same but different from the previous year.

Savor the Simplicity

To reduce stress and make the holidays memorable:

  • Ask each family member what one activity they would most like to do on the upcoming holiday. The goal is not to squeeze in every holiday tradition to the point of exhaustion, but to enjoy a delightful few that facilitate fun with those you love.
  • It’s okay to rotate out those creamed baby onions that no one likes anymore. Skip traditions that are no longer fun.
  • Try a new tradition. Ideas for activities and traditions are listed in the Appendix of the new release by Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells, The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make.

Our family continues to focus on one activity for each family member during the season. The simplicity gives us all opportunity to appreciate one another and the humble Savior who came to save the world.

History buff, PeggySue Wells parasails, skydives, snorkels, scuba dives, and has taken (but not passed) pilot training. Writing in Indiana, PeggySue is the bestselling author of 29 books including Homeless for the Holidays, Chasing Sunrise, and The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make.


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