Souvenirs and Simple Memories

0 comments Posted on May 22, 2018

by Angela Breidenbach

An odd thing happened to me recently. Hanging up my collection of antique spoons, many from my grandmother, I came across one that surprised me. The 1893 Columbian Exposition spoon had fallen out of its place. Stunned, I examined it and then went to the internet. Was it real? Turns out, yes. Was it valuable? Well, not really. This precious silver spoon is worth about $5. But holding it in my hand brought a flood of invaluable memories.

Growing up, I’d polished this spoon and many others while chatting with my grandma. She’d built this collection over her lifetime. But little did I know that little girl asking her grandma about those spoons would be writing a story because of her influence. Ironically, when I searched for photos of souvenirs I could use in my story, “Seven Medals and a Bride” in The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection from Barbour, I’d forgotten all about this little spoon.

Finding it again sent a myriad of emotions through me. Remembering the times I sat with Grandma, thinking of how she encouraged me, and then missing her. Things aren’t important for the sake of the thing. It’s what those things, like a little 1893 spoon, represent. The memories we build over common daily moments are also those that build who we are in the future. I’m grateful to have had a wonderful relationship with my grandma and grateful she taught me in those simple moments to appreciate small things like a spoon.

What do you have that brings great memories, whether it has financial value or not?

Angela Breidenbach is a bestselling author, Christian Authors Network president, and is in school to get her genealogical studies credentials. Connect with her at and on all social media: @AngBreidenbach


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