Spring is Here

0 comments Posted on April 3, 2018

by Doreen Hanna

April brings the delight of spring. The winter snow has melted away. The flowers are in bloom. Folks who felt the cold of winter and were required to stay indoors now feel there is a “spring” in their step.  They are ready to “spring” into action; motivated to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun as they might stroll by a running “spring.”

Describing the season of spring brings delightful memories as well as anticipation of new life. Just saying the word spring causes your lips to lead into a smile (Try it. You can’t say it without it prompting a natural smile).  It is a word that just prompts delight. It is a very active word in our vocabulary, as you can see in the first few sentences above. We can ponder the word and see that its season brings new life, provides a feeling of happiness, prompts us to action, and provides the refreshment of clean running water, an element needed for life itself.

As I pondered the word, I hope that you, as I will, enjoy the season of spring with greater delight this year. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Then as you spring into action, you will discover something new in your life. And, most importantly, you will continue to be refreshed by Him who is our wellspring of life

Proverbs 4:23 states, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance, and above all guard it, for out of it flows the wellspring of life.

Doreen Hanna is an international speaker, author and founder of Treasured Celebrations Ministries. As a women’s ministry teacher and leader for 35 years, her gifts of encouragement and laughter cause her to bring a smile to an audience of one or hundreds.  Consider her for your next event. www.moderndayprincess.net


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