Summer Fun with Puppets

0 comments Posted on June 9, 2016

Karen Whiting_Puppetby Karen Whiting

Fold a paper so it can open and close. Or join two gelatin boxes together with a taped hinge and decorate it. Presto! You created a simple puppet.

Puppets are handy tools where your fingers and hands create the fun. I’ve loved puppets since my childhood days of watching the Howdy Doody show. My Grandpa’s last name was Doody and I believed him when he said that Howdy was his cousin (although it seemed I always missed seeing Howdy).

God has a great sense of humor, so it’s no wonder that years later I studied puppetry under Margo Rose, one of the creators and manipulators of Howdy. I had my own puppetry TV show, directed a large teen puppet ministry, and released a book on puppets. Now I have a new puppetry handbook, Nature Bible Puppet Mania. It’s amazing what childhood joys stay with us.

Nature Bible Puppet ManiaEnjoy puppets this summer. Make simple ones or buy a few and put on a show with children. Let your imagination go wild with zany characters and silly plots. Puppets can grab the interest of children, even those with ADHD, and inspire shy tots to open up and talk. You can even hinge a few leaves together, draw on eyes, and get the puppets talking about the outdoors, creation, growing a garden, or healthy food. Make small puppets for a car trip to help pass the time spent in the car. As you use the puppets, your skill at making believable movements will grow and you’ll probably develop a few character voices. Watch it—you might become addicted to puppets!

Karen Whiting is an international speaker, former television host, national award winning author of more than 20 books, and a columnist. She loves to help strengthen families and splash creativity into the pages she writes.


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