Summer Scripture Scavenger Hunt

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Cheri Cowellby Cheri Cowell

Summer is a great time to make Scripture fun for the whole family. Here is how to create your own Scripture Scavenger Hunt. First, make a list of the Bible stories you want to cover and how many days during the summer you want the hunt to last. For this example, we are covering one week, and we’re looking at seven parables Jesus told. Follow these steps:

  1. Every day, pile the kids in the car and tell them you are going on a Scripture Scavenger Hunt.
  2. Have them bring an age appropriate Bible. If they don’t have one, your local Christian bookstore can help.
  3. Then drive to the location that will give a hint to the story. Ahead of time, you may want to hide a clue nearby that they can find (see the list below).
  4. Parables-Cheri CowellOnce everyone has had a chance to guess, have each child look up the story in his or her own Bibles and read it aloud together.

The best part of doing this kind of scavenger hunt is your children will never pass that place again without being reminded of the Scripture and the fun you had that day.

Seven Day Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt ChartCheri Cowell is the author of 365 Devotions for Peace (Zondervan), and Parables and Word Pictures Bible study (AMG). You can learn more about Cheri at her website, or or


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