Surviving a Private Plane Trip

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Anne GreenAnne Greene here. My husband, Larry, is a pilot. We planned a trip to Chattanooga to visit his parents and then on to New Orleans to vacation. The day to depart dawned clear and sunny. My husband and I trouped into the Flight Ops at Navy Dallas for a weather briefing and to file his IFR flight plan. The weather report promised possible showers. Since we had sandwiched our vacation plans between my husband’s work and my own, we decided to fly anyway. Larry is IFR qualified, which means he can fly with instruments only when there is no visibility, such as during a bad storm.

We loaded our small bags into the Cesna 182 Skylane, a small, propeller-driven, four-seater. My daughter jumped into the back seat behind me. My son slid into the back seat behind Larry. August 15th, and we were three and a half hours from Chattanooga’s Lovell Field.

Once we cleared Dallas, clouds rolled in. As the sky darkened, my children shut the books they had been reading. Flying over northern Alabama turbulence set in from a line of thunderstorms running north to south too long to fly around. I started watching the instruments. Our plane hit a downdraft. Larry set the Cesna into a steep climb, but still we fell 1500 feet per minute. Below us the southern tips of the Appalachians reached up. Then suddenly we hit an updraft. Larry put the plane into a steep dive, but we still climbed. The altimeter needle pegged at the maximum feet per second as the plane either dropped or rose. The needle hit top and bottom of the altimeter.

My husband’s face remained calm, but his jaw jutted where he clamped his teeth as he fought to control the plane. This was my whole precious family in danger. So, I prayed for the Lord’s will, except I prayed we would not feel pain as we were ushered into our eternal home. Joshua 1:9 came to mind. Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. God was inside that airplane giving us courage. That ten minutes of horrible updrafts and downdrafts could have been torture, but instead it turned into a time of peace and praise.

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