Sweet Lavender Memories

0 comments Posted on September 29, 2020

by Julie Lavender

My husband’s career in the Navy took us to Poulsbo, Washington, just a ferry ride away from luxurious lavender farms in the Olympic Peninsula. When your last name is “Lavender,” visiting a lavender farm is a must!

Even before David and I married, my future mother-in-law gifted me with all-things lavender: bath soaps, sachets, bath bombs, candles, and much more. The tradition continued over the years, and every base-housing bathroom had the soothing, sweet scent of lavender.

Most of David’s military assignments stationed us in the deep-south states of the East Coast, so we’d never visited a lavender farm. When I saw advertisements for a lavender festival in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, I knew we had to attend.

The aroma of lavender reached our nostrils before the farm came into sight. Rounding the corner, we saw what looked like miles of rolling, plush-purple carpet. Closer inspection revealed bushy shrubs of long, leaf-covered stems with butterfly-like swirls of petals atop the blossom. It was indeed heavenly!

We meandered through the fields and marveled at God’s beautiful, purple-hued creations. Exhausted from our wanderings, we stopped at a vendor booth to sample lavender-infused lemonade drinks.

Our eleven-year-old son gulped his drink, scrunched his mouth, and said, “Ew! This tastes like our bathroom!”

Too shocked to speak, my husband didn’t have the opportunity to explain in his scientific jargon that the conjunction of the senses of smell and taste allows the brain to define a flavor. And I was too mortified to point out in mommy jargon that due to our family’s surname, our bathrooms swim in the sweet, heady scent of lavender and that an eleven-year-old brain doesn’t always think before speaking.

Back on the East Coast again with older brains and a plethora of memories, we chuckle about the bathroom-scented lemonade drink comment, and we remember with fondness the Lavender trek through lavender fields.

What about you? What sweet memories are you making with the family today?

Julie Lavender, whose maiden name is “Bland,” jokes that she loved trading her dull name for a colorful one. Julie is a journalist, author, and former homeschooling mom of twenty-five years with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Julie enjoys making memories with her family and would love to connect with you at www.julielavenderwrites.com or on her Facebook group page, 365 Ways to Love Your Child.


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