Table for One, Please

0 comments Posted on July 6, 2020

by Dr. Sandra Glahn

Jesus, John the Baptist, Mary and Martha, Lazarus, the apostle Paul…were all singles. The church needs people like them among us. And yet, even though more than 40 percent of the population are single people, they make up only about 23 percent of those in our churches. So how can we love well the singles among us?

  • Sit with them. If you see someone sitting alone in church, ask if you can join them or invite them to join you and/or your family. If they decline, fine. But let them know they are welcome. Walking into church alone and sitting there by one’s self can feel awkward.
  • Deliver food and meds. A lot of single people have no roommates to warm up a bowl of soup or run to the pharmacy to pick up medicines for them when they’re sick. Or to run out and get a loaf of bread or pick up milk. Be that person.
  • Offer childcare. Partners can tag-team when one needs a break or when there’s a scheduling conflict with school pick-ups. But a person without a partner needs a wider safety net. So, be a part of that net for your friends. Offer to take their kids to the park or run their children home from school when needed.

Every day’s a good day to remind singles that we value them, recognizing that our world lacks something important without them.

Dr. Sandra Glahn is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and author or coauthor of more than twenty books. Her new work, Sanctified Sexuality (Kregel Academic), includes a chapter on singles and biblical ethics.  Twitter: @sandraglahn   FaceBook: @aspire2   website:


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