Taste and See

0 comments Posted on April 13, 2017

doreen-hannahby Doreen Hanna

Reflection on life sometimes requires a sense of humor and honesty.  As I sat enjoying a bite of my chocolate mudslide explosion, I pondered the recipe.

Like the flour, my early years were basic. No flavor at all. Next it calls for sugar, salt and butter. The sugar was like getting married, a dream come true. The salt was my husband who brought the flavor in his sense of humor. The taste of butter makes anything taste great, like the discovery and savoring of God’s Word.

raisingmodernBaking soda and powder, the most distasteful of all the ingredients, were the sexual abuse of one daughter and a severe financial crisis. Hope was renewed like a taste of chocolate when I was called to ministry. The next necessary ingredient was hot water, pride had set in. The final step, putting the whole mixture in the preheated oven, was equal to God putting me in a place to serve without being noticed. In God’s timing, I was pulled out of the oven.

I pray my life today is served up like a chocolate mudslide explosion—it looks messy, but reveals the rich taste of God’s goodness.

Psalm 66:10 “O God, you have tested me and you refined me like silver.”

Doreen Hanna is the founder and president of Modern Day Princess www.moderndayprincess.net. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at doreenhanna.


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