The Art of Lifetime Relationships

2 comments Posted on April 11, 2014

Art of Lifetimeby Janet Chester Bly

Maggie values many lifetime relationships. And she works at it. Full-time.

Every morning Maggie sweeps her hair into a stylish pearl comb, struggles into her leg braces, and walks with her crutches into the dining room. She plops down into a comfy, cushioned chair and spreads out a yearly appointment book. Each day on every month has at least one name scrawled on it.

Soon Maggie’s India ink pen sweeps back and forth through a pile of greeting cards as she acknowledges a birthday, anniversary, congratulations of some sort. Or a warm note to connect.

Stuart Brannon's Final ShotCrippled by polio at age twenty didn’t stop her from pursuing a job as a medical technician or teaching fourth grade Sunday School for twenty-five years. Now she’s a widow and retired. She still feels a lump of sadness for the two sons she lost. Neither lived to reach two-years-old.

But Maggie doesn’t indulge self-pity.

When she could no longer work or teach and had no family to tend, she searched for purpose by reaching out from her home. To people she already knew.

She corresponds with hundreds of former students, co-workers, relatives and friends. Many write back or come by to visit. She brings them cheer and they provide her a reason to keep going each day.

Maggie figured out how to keep caring for people who entered her world by chance and choice. And let them know she remembered and still prayed.

Do you know someone like this from out of your past who loves on you? Do you reach out in your own way to encourage, to affirm? To say, I have not forgotten you.

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  • 04/11/2014
    Connie Sue Larson said:

    This article really touched my heart. For those who do reach out to me, they have a special place in my heart always. Totally awesome.

  • 04/16/2014
    Janet Chester Bly said:

    Connie Sue: Thanks so much for your comment. Greatly appreciated!


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