The Colors of Fall

0 comments Posted on November 6, 2017

Fall LeavesDoreen Hannaby Doreen Hanna

November prompts within me the spirit of gratitude, anticipating Thanksgiving and the sign of fall. Oh, that first cool breeze after the high temperatures of summer. Or, the leaves turning color causes my heart to leap.

RaisingModernDayPrincessWhen we lived in New Mexico, we took an annual trek up to the Santa Fe Ski Basin. I loved sharing that joyful journey with a family member or friends. We’d drive through the Aspen forest ooh-ing and ah-ing at the vibrant, beautiful shade of yellow. As we drove up the narrow road, we’d roll down the window to smell the delightful scent of the pine trees and feel the coolness of the air. Close to the top, a turn out provided the perfect view of the Santa Fe mountains in the full, brilliant color of the season that only the God of heaven and earth could create.

We’d enjoy His masterpiece. It never failed to be breathtaking. After standing outside the car, enjoying the awe-inspiring moment, we wound back down the mountain. Our hearts filled with the joyful delight of having encountered our Heavenly Father’s creative and artistic hand.

God provides for our pleasure!

“I was filled with delight…rejoicing in his presence and in the world he created” (Psalm 8:31, NIV).

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