The Earth is the Lord’s

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Karen Whitingby Karen Whiting

April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. As Christians, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate creation and recommit to following God’s call to have dominion over the earth and care for it. Actively enjoy the earth.

Enjoy walks outdoors and really look at the plants and creatures you see.  Sit outside and praise God. Capture the beauty with your camera and post photos on your social networks with a note about praising God for what he made.

Plant a flower, vegetable, or tree and tend it. Expand or renew your garden, indoor plants, or yard.  Or join a group to care for the plants at your church or a local park. After adding beauty, invite friends for a picnic or just to sit outdoors and enjoy nature with you.

A little time spent outdoors gives you vitamin D that helps your health. It lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of several types of cancer, protects your eye health, eases depression, and strengthens bones. One study shows that five minutes in a natural setting improves a person’s mood and motivation. Doctors sometimes prescribe nature walks as part of eco-therapy. No wonder God put us in a garden at the beginning of time!

Nature Girl

Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker and award-winning author of eighteen books. One of her newest books is Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God’s creation.


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