The Gift of an Encouraging Word

0 comments Posted on November 5, 2015

Rebecca Ondovby Rebecca Ondov

Have you ever felt overcome by this world that seems to have gone crazy and wondered what you could do to change it? The answer could be as simple as giving someone an encouraging word.

That’s a powerful statement for those of us in the “word” industry. From authors to librarians, bookstores and book buyers, we have the ability to write and recommend books brimming with words that we know will help others.

But, often times I think it’s easy to overlook the impact that our everyday words have on the people around us. The most meaningful words I’ve ever heard were ones spoken from an individual’s heart.

Here are a couple of ways that I’ve been able to do that, and you could too.

  1. Pray in the morning and ask God to put someone in your path or on your heart that He’d like you to encourage.
  2. When you hear that a friend is hurting, let them know that you care.
  3. When a friend achieves a goal, celebrate with them.
  4. For the three mentioned above, it’s easy to drop a note, email or call.
  5. Post an uplifting quote or thought on social media for all to enjoy. You never know who might need it that day.

Great Horse StoriesPerhaps the most powerful encouraging words we ever share will be those that originate in our own hearts. What would happen if we each took a couple minutes and did this just once a day?

“Love never fails.”

Rebecca Ondov—an author from Montana who encourages her readers to Be Inspired with Blazing Faith.


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