The Hand of My Dad

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doreen-hannahby Doreen Hanna

Whenever I see a dad and daughter walking together holding hands, my heart skips a beat as memories flood my mind immediately of my own dad.  As a little girl, I remember taking hold of my daddy’s hand. His was so big that when he grasped my hand it was hidden in his. I would ponder how he’d use his hands to protect me if anything frightening would happen. Maybe I was more attune to his hands because he was a carpenter by trade. His workshop was in our garage.  Every so often I would wander in and watch him guide a piece of lumber on the table-saw, glue together an old chair and hold it with his hands until the glue held, or sand down a beautiful bookshelf, until it was smooth to his touch.

raising-a-young-modern-day-princessAs I reflect upon my dad today, I see how the use of his hands enabled him to provide for our family and delighted the heart of many through his creative gift in carpentry. His hands were always quick to care for those he saw in need, and his strong hand-shake welcomed many into our home and church.  I believe we were blessed as a family because of how my daddy used his hands.  Deut. 14:7 proclaims “…in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families shall eat and shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the Lord your God has blessed you.”

If you are a dad or grandpa who is presently helping to raise your grandchildren, you might enjoy reading “The Dad’s tool box,” and the “Dad & Daughters Activities,” that are included in every chapter of Raising a Young Modern Day Princess, providing you with tips on how to “take her hand” and demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit to your little princess.

Doreen is Founder and President of Modern Day Princess.netShe is the co-author of Raising a Modern Day Princess and Becoming a Modern Day Princess Journal. She has led women’s Bible studies and discipleship groups for more than 30 years. Within that span of time she has also been a Director of Women’s Ministries for 12 years.  She was employed by Women of Faith for three years, becoming one of their first National Ministry Representatives.  Today Doreen is a nationally known speaker and trains Modern Day Princess leaders internationally.



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